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Honeymooning in Paradisical Heaven: Maldives


Personalised itineraries were created for every couple since every individual is different and paints a different picture of their romantic getaways. However, some of the elements remained the same for all of them, and they are the very reasons that make Maldives a dreamy affair. Maldives is an isolated island located far far away from the maddening crowd and the only sounds you could hear are the soothing ocean breezes. The holiday planning team at Travbond Bangalore ensured the best resorts for our couples to enjoy nature’s unabashed glory as a welcome break to the wedding chaos. As told to the Travbond reviews team, the couples had an amazing time taking long romantic walks, exploring the underwaters and admiring the breathtaking sunsets.

Maldives is soaked in luxury, and you can experience it as soon as you step out of your aircraft. One of the couples flying to their honeymoon desired to be picked up by a seaplane and wanted to enter their resort in style, Travbond made it possible for them. With unadultered luxury and as many as 105 resorts to pick from, the team at Travbond Banglore made sure that the clients got the best taste of elegance, without burning a hole in their pockets. All the bookings made were pocket-friendly, and offered exceptional services as mentioned by the couples in their reviews.

After coordinating a zillion logistics at the wedding all the couples wanted were some activities to relax and Travbond had the perfect answer for this – indulging in couple spas, jacuzzi, or swimming all day in your personal infinity pool and watch all your stress melt away. To add to the relaxation, a couple of them wanted to be adventuours and experience the underwater life. The able team at Travbond Bangalore booked the best facilities for snorkelling and scuba diving for the patrons to experience stunning coral reefs and spectacular creatures underwater. On special request to commemorate an important day, one of the many couples wanted to take a personal cruise on a glass-bottom boat and like a good travel advisor would do, Travbond made it happen! Your dreams are our commands!

One of the complimentary evenings for all the couples by Travbond Bangalore included a beautiful yatch ride far off into the turquoise blue oceans to experience the vastness of the sea followed by a romantic sunset dinner by the beach with some wine and local delicacies. No matter whatever month you and your partner get married in, Maldives is always a good idea and a is a year-round destination to visit. So head to our office in Bangalore, pack your beachwear and comfy clothes and you’re all set to go to one of the most pleasant holidays of your life!