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Holiday In Japan The Land Of The Rising Sun

Travbond the tourist agents have an expertise in arranging international holidays they have excellent reputation and top in this list is Japan or the land of the rising sun

Chugoku japan

Places to visit

Chugoku : is home to the city of Hiroshima , the tranquil sea and many historic temples.

Tokyo : The capital and the first on a tourists list is a blend of the traditional and the modern, boasting numerous historic, cultural, and leisure attractions.

Hokkaido : in the north of Japan has beautiful snowy mountain slopes and provides ample scope for winter sports Kyushu with its volcano has lot of attractions for both the adventurous and the peace loving tourist.

Shikoku : boasts of beauties of nature together with castles and temple

Chubu : is a city in Honshu famous Mt Fuji , hot water springs and a serene atmosphere. Some famous cites of Japan which every tourist knows about and has them on his list are....

Osaka : Economically active city of Japan has a lot of historical monuments


Kyoto : which was the Japanese capital before Tokyo has lots of shrines temples restaurants and traditional shops

Hiroshima : sadly this place is Known for the atomic bombing in 1945, but Hiroshima is a perfect example of the saying “ where there is a will there is a way” it shown that nothing can stop a person or a nation from developing and growing It is now one of Japan’s leading commercial cities.

Tourist Attractions

Specially recommended for family holidays the Universal studios Japan has shops, restaurants and themed rides for the tourists

Tokyo Tower : famous for a birds eye view of the city..


Kiyomizu-dera or the pure water temple :is a world heritage site famous for its waterfalls panoramic view of Kyoto

Dotonbori : this street in Osaka has theatres, eating places and shopping centres . Tokyo Skytree : is a 450 m high tower which provides a view of the vast expanse around.

Tokyo Disneyland offers fulfilled rides and other entertainment for children just like its American namesake.

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